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Learning Problems: The Neurological Connection

From Svea J. Gold

The advantage of collecting all research is that we can now understand that if we make children go through the same movements which the early reflexes would have dictated their little bodies to make, these same movements will create chemicals at the junction of the muscle and the axons and the chemical makers will make sure that the messages go to the exact part of the brain that nature intended them to go. We can't control what comes out of the child's brain, but we can control what goes in, by having the child repeat those movements.

There are so many connections in the brain, and there are so many things that can go wrong, that only by carefully watching how the child moves, how the child functions, can we get an idea of where in the brain the problem lies. Then, by giving the child a chance to make these movements which originally should have made all the connections in that particular part of the brain, we allow the brain to repair itself.