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About NDEP

About Neuro Developmental Delay

Do you or your child display any of the symptoms of dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Asperger's syndrome or ADHD?

The range and severity of the symptoms of these conditions vary greatly, but they can include the following:

The collective term for these conditions is neuro developmental delay and the reason for this is that the development of the nerve pathways in the brain has not progressed in the same way as in symptom-free children, resulting in the various difficulties mentioned above. However, the term neuro developmental delay is problematic in that the word "delay" implies that the child may eventually automatically catch up. This is not going to happen without knowledgeable intervention.

My approach to treating these symptoms is based on the fact that the circuitry in the brain develops in infants as they reach various developmental milestones. Different forms of physical attainment such as crawling, rolling over, sitting and walking cause nerves to form pathways in the brain which in turn help us to carry out other tasks as we get older.

Occasionally, however, developmental milestones are missed (for example, a number of children never crawl), and as a result the necessary nerve connections are not established.

We often know nothing about this until it becomes apparent that the child is experiencing one or more of the problems referred to above. The good news is that neuro developmental delay can be largely, partly or wholly corrected at any age by redoing the developmental stages of early infancy. This is possible thanks to chemicals found in the brain called nerve growth factors which allow us to regenerate new nerve pathways in the brain so that we can learn new skills.

The programme involves a detailed assessment of the problems the child is experiencing followed by a programme of prescribed movements and exercises tailored to the child. These exercises are performed repeatedly over a period of time in order to create the correct circuitry in the brain.