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Writing Problems

Writing Problems And Copying Problems:

There are a vast number of children who are intelligent – one only has to listen to their conversations to know this – but who are unable to transfer their thoughts down on to paper. To further confuse this problem, many of them are good readers who enjoy reading, causing both parents and teachers to wonder ‘why is this happening?’
The answer, for many of these children with specific writing and copying problems, is the retention of several Primitive (infant) reflexes which interfere with hand-eye coordination if they remain active in the school-aged child, preventing them from developing automatic writing skills.
INPP has found a way detecting relevant reflexes and giving the brain a second chance to control them so that hand-eye coordination becomes fluent and writing ceases to be a problem.

Learning Difficulties Related to Writing Problems

Dyslexia – Reading & Writing Difficulties
Dysgraphia – Writing Difficulties

“A complex neurological condition, which is constitutional in origin. The symptoms may affect various areas of learning and function and may be described as a specific difficulty in reading, spelling and written language. One or more of these areas may be affected: numeracy, notational skills (music), motor function and organisational skills. However, it is particularly related to mastering written language, although oral language may be affected to some degree.” – British Dyslexia Association