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About Back in Balance

The seed for Back in Balance was planted when Piroska early on discovered that there was something amiss with her son, Balazs. At the age of two years, he was assessed as needing urgent help and at the age of four he was diagnosed Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Piroska responded by learning everything she could about children's brain development. She read books, researched on the internet and attended seminars about autism. Training at Autism New Zealand, doing the (S.P.E.L.L. Training with Tim Powell, who is now at Ahorangi Consultants and Services), the Early Bird Programme and HELP Programme (with Jon Manson and Neil Stuart), gave her a basis for understanding and treating children with autism.

After taking her son to various therapies, she finally found a programme that made a massive difference to his development. She encountered the work of Svea Gold, 'NeuroDevelopmental Therapy', when her son was six years old and soon began implementing her programme with him. Svea's programme involves using exercises to create new connections in the child's brain. Balazs' speech had been limited to a few words. However, after doing the exercises, he began to communicate verbally in sentences and to make eye contact while talking. He became calmer and able to learn at school.

Piroska helped out in her son's classroom and soon volunteered to work with some of the other special needs or struggling children, using the exercises that she had used with Balazs. Having seen the enormous difference that the right treatment can make in a child's life, she was inspired to train further to help other children with special needs.

All of the children made progress and some showed immense improvements in their learning and behaviour. From this beginning, Piroska's business, Back in Balance, has grown.

Having found the direction she knew would benefit children, Piroska completed the Perceptual Motor Programme of Moving Smart, a well known treatment programme that is used in some schools in New Zealand. She has gone on to undertake the Post Graduate Training Course at the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Auckland.

She has also trained to become a provider of Johansen Individualised Audio Stimulation Therapy. This supplements the exercise programme through sound therapy.

She is happy to treat people of any age who experience developmental delays, behavioural problems or learning difficulties. She is passionate about helping children who struggle at home or school and inspiring their parents to continue hoping for and working towards change in their children's lives.